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On Mount Kilimanjaro...

In the Swahili language the word “BABA” means “FATHER”. As legends have it, Mount Kilimanjaro, towering over the Northern Tanzania landscape, is the father of all his people.

Join Baba Kilimanjaro Tours and Safaris for a life-changing climb on the mighty mount Kilimanjaro. We will pick you up from the airport and settle you into a comfortable hotel for a few hours of rest and relaxation in our local town, Moshi. In the morning we will brief you on your climb and prepare your luggage for the climb, to be carried by our porters. We then take you to your chosen route to begin your ascent. Be prepared for some stunning wildlife and landscape photography! The views are spectacular. On your way down we transport you back to your hotel. Choose one of our 6 routes to the summit, from the ever popular Marangu Route (aka the Coca Cola Route), to the charming and scenic Machame Route (aka the Whiskey Route due to the adventurous trekking highlights). We offer the lesser well-known and therefore less crowded routes up the Shira Plateau, the Barranco Wall and up to the Lava Tower with the Shira, Umbwe and Lemosho Routes. Finally, the Rongai Route matches the Machame Route for sheer beauty and scenery. Contact us now for a quote via See also our Kilimanjaro Climb Itineraries here.

On Safari and on Zanzibar...

With Baba Kilimanjaro Tours and Safaris you can choose from some of our many safari packages for anything from 4 – 16 days through some of the most spectacular reserves in Africa. Almost 1/3 of Tanzania’s land surface is given over to game parks. You may also choose to add on a leisurely, relaxing holiday on Zanzibar from 2-5 days. It is possible for you to fly to Kilimanjaro and arrange a return flight from Zanzibar, depending on the carrier.
Baba Kilimanjaro Tours and Safaris on the Serengeti
Zebra herds roaming the plains
Baba Kilimanjaro Tours and Safaris pride of lions
Pride of Lions on the lookout!
Baba Kilimanjaro Tours and Safaris on Zanzibar
The tranquility of a Zanzibar beach

On a Day Trip or Cultural Tour...

Both Moshi and Arusha centre on areas that offer excellent day trips and cultural tours. Tanzania has a rich cultural history with its Chagga, Maasai and various other tribal groups that make up its diverse population. Both cities find themselves in the Kilimanjaro Region with its coffee growing climate. We offer many chances to explore coffee plantations and local cultural visits to the surrounding villages. Enjoy the Materuni Village Waterfall and Coffee farm, the Kikuletwa Hot Springs in Boma NG'ombe, horse-riding on the Makoa Farm in Arusha National Park, the Rhino Sanctuary in Mkomazi National Park near the Kenyan border with Tanzania. With Baba Kilimanjaro the choice is yours but we will guide and assist you at every step and turn. Coffee farmWaterfall and Coffee Farm
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Moshi, Tanzania
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