We pride ourselves with the positive testimonials we receive from our clients; however we always strive to improve our services every day. Hearing what our returning tour participants have to say plays a vital role in understanding how we can enhance our tour programs, trekking, hotel and guide selections for future participants to come.

We encourage our clients to give us their feedback, both positive and negative, so we can better serve our clients in the future. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Professional and caring hiking agency
    I trekked Kilimanjaro with Baba Kilimanjaro from the 24th-29th of August (2016) via Marangu Route.
    Typically, it takes most adventurers 8-9days to conquer Rwenzori, Africa‚Äôs third highest mountain. Having rocked the experience in five days and four nights, I expected to humble Kilimanjaro in a maximum of 3days and two nights. See, it is considered to be a smoothie compared to Rwenzori. As fate would have it, Kilimanjaro gave me a beating. Luckily, I still managed to conquire it thanks to the supportiveness of Baba Kilimanjaro, the agency with which I was hiking. From the word go, the crew delegated by Baba to look after me was just what I needed, a pillar of inspiration. They cheered me all the way and never hesitated to lend me their hiking gear (like warm clothing) in instances where mine seemed not enough. I was equally impressed by their guides encyclopedic knowledge about the park’s flora and fauna and their history. My favourite guides were Harpson and Alex.
    Long story short, I highly recommend hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro with this agency.

  2. I had the rare chance and privilege of climbing the great Kilimanjaro mountain in August 2016 with a friend Solomon Oleny. Our climb was organized and facilitated by an agency BABA KILIMANJARO.
    I write in honour and in appreciation to an amazing crew of gentlemen and one lady who made our journey to and from this great mountain beautiful, alot easier, memorable and gracefully comfortable.
    Right from our onset into Moshi town down to our hotel booking for the night before setting off, I was humbled and honoured.
    Ours was indeed an amazing trip up and down. Our chief guide Alex was incredible. He picked us up himself and very genuinely took care of us. I was particularly pampered and well looked after perhaps because I was the only lady on the team. We had such great laughter and sharing as we trekked up and down the mountain, our meals were extremely regular, warm and at some point I felt we were over fed.
    I speak for myself when I say mine was a great climb largely because of the awesome team at BABA Kilimanjaro.
    It was a deeply rewarding experience. There’s only one group I would recommend….
    Thank you so much Alex. Thank you for making Kilimanjaro pleasantly doable. I owe you!
    Joy Mirembe
    Business Consultant
    Akamai Global, 5th floor Rwenzori Towers
    Kampala Uganda.

  3. Baba Kilimanjaro is a professional and experienced tour agency. We toured northern Tanzania safari for 5 days and 4 nights with Alex, including Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater. We travelled as a group of five in a large 8 seater safari truck. Alex was very experienced, he was responsive from when I initially inquired until we left the country, gave us great suggestions before and throughout the trip. His services was impeccable, from picking up from the airport, to making pit stops per our request, to communicating with hotels to best accommodate us. With his help, we were able to see gorgeous views of the safari and amazing animal sightings. It was a extremely memorable trip and we will definitely come back to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Alex one day.

    Thank you!

    Erin and Family

  4. Wil definitely recomend profession experience tour agency! In January 15 to 21 2018, together with a colleague, I bought the trekking to KIlimanjaro in the BabaKIili company. In the forum of this web page, I would like to thank Alex, Raymund and the whole team of 11 people who accompanied us on the Marangu trail to the last camp. we also took advantage of the four-day safari offered by BabaKili. Alex took care of everything with great accuracy. Thank you also Luis for Safari. It was a great pleasure to climb together with this company on Kilimanjaro. I would recommend the company Babakili. Best Regards Robert Edmonton Canada 10 Feb 2018. bazyl6995@hotmail.com

  5. Bede polecal profesjonalizm i doswiadczenie tej agencji. W styczniu 15 do 21 2018 razem z kolega zakupilem wejscie na KIlimangaro w firmie BabaKIilii. Na forum tej strony chcialbym .podziekowac Alexowi ,Raymundowi i calej ekipie 11 ludzi ktorzy towarzyszyli nam na szlaku Marangu az do ostatniego obozu. rownierz skorzystalismy z czterodniowego safari oferowanego przez BabaKili . Alex dbal o wszystko z duza dokladnoscia. Dziekuje tez Luisowi za Safari. To byla wielka przyjemnosc wspinac sie razem z ta firma na Kilimangaro.Uczciwie polecam firme Babakili . Best Regards Robert Edmonton Canada 10 Feb 2018. bazyl6995@hotmail.com

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