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Beach Holiday - Zanzibar

Stone Town
It is the oldest part of Zanzibar town built on a 95 acres peninsula and consisting of 2500 buildings all made of coral stone, lime and clay, thus the name. This is the most interesting part of town with its narrow lanes, 45 mosques, 2 Christians churches 4 Hindus Halls and two baobab trees.

Stone Town Tour is a half day guided driving trip which also includes short walks that enable the clients to explore the fascinating historical sites of the old parts of Zanzibar town, the tour will include a visit to the Former slave market (The Anglican Cathedral), the Historical and natural history museums of Zanzibar, the house of wonders, the old fort. The old central market of Zanzibar etc. The tour old central market of Zanzibar etc. The tour can be arranged either in the morning at 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs or in the afternoon 1500 hrs to 1800 hrs.

Spice Tour
The tour visits various villages such as Bububu, Kidichi and Kizimbani northwards of Stone town. Clients will be able to see, touch, smell and even taste some of the spices and fruits available on the Island. The trip also offers invitingly attractive photographic scenery on the fruit garden, mud houses thatched with coconut palm leaves and the living style of Zanzibar is in the countryside areas.

Mangapwani Cave
Mangapwani Slave Cave is not natural, but cut out of the coral limestone. It is a sort of cellar, more or less a square-shaped cell. It was built for storing slaves by Mohammed Bin Nassor Al-Alawi, a prominent slave trader. Boats from Africa (Tanzania) landed at the nearby beach and unloaded their human "cargo". The slaves were kept here until they were taken to Zanzibar Town or to Oman.In 1873 Sultan Barghash signed the Anglo- Zanzibari treaty which officially abolished the slave trade. Some time after the cave was still used as a place to hide slaves, as an illicit trade continued for many years. Today, the cave itself remains, although the wooden roof under which the slaves were hidden has now gone. There are steps which lead down onto the cavern floor.

Prison Island
Special boat trips are arranged either half day or full day to this small resort and it takes thirty-five minutes to reach the Island. Historically Island was used as point of concealment of slaves later became a temporary hospital and a quarantine island especially during the outbreak of contagious diseases in the last century. The Island is endowed with natural features attractive while sand beach for swimming and the colorful coral reef for snorkeling. A number of giant tortoises, durket different birds can easily be seen in the island. The boat will be leaving at the big fig tree at Forodhani in Stone Town.

Jozani Forest
Is a half day driving trip to Jozani Natural Forest reserve to see red colobus monkey that are endemic to Zanzibar. These Monkeys are very charming, friendly and easy to take pictures while you can watch feeding and playing in the trees. Also you will have a short walk into the forest to see different types of plants and trees species that are still existing in this forest. Jozani forest is on the Southern part of Stone Town, some 45 min. drive.

Local Game Fishing
Is a half day excursion on a traditional dhow day afloat trip on the waters of the Snake and Bawe islets for fishing. Possible catches include yellow fin tuna, kingfish & emperor. All fishing equipments & bait are provided.

Dolphin Tour
This is a full day excursion on a traditional dhow and see various species of Dolphins including spinner bottle nose an blue dolphins at a very close range within touching distance. Our Dhows are equipped with sun shelters and modern life jackets. The tour will also takes clients out to the coral reef where can enjoy some of the most remarkable snorkeling. Different species of coral and other marine can also be seen. This tour will include also the transfers to Kizimkazi some one and half drive (70 KM). Lunch will be included and equipment.

North Coast Excursion
Is a full day Drive due North into the heart of the local villages to have a thorough insight of the native heritage e.g. copra making. Via Mvuleni water cave, stop by MKOKOTONI VILLAGE market to witness fish auction scene and have your choice of the catch of the day including lobsters. With the admiration of the traditional dhow building nearby, swim and lunch (Bar-Be-Cue) at the marvelous Nungwi Beach.

Swahili Culture Tour
Driven to one of the beautiful and ever Green village to explore the natural culture, tours enjoying a full day excursion of full local activities (Swahili coast culture) coconut palms, thatching baskets, weaving, pottery, grinding millets, rice, coconut rope making, coconut palm climbing, Zanzibar aroma and incense, construction of local homes bread making, spices, banana plantations, seasonal fruits, local Koran classes, local traditional music/songs and dancers.

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