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BABA KILIMANJARO - African Safari, Kilimanjaro Trekking, Beach Holidays

Are you planning to visit Tanzania or any of the wonderful countries of East Africa? If so, don't forget to contact BABA KILIMANJARO. For years we've been showing visitors the finer side to Africa. We care about our clients and the experience they have here. We want it to be as memorable as possible and we know what it takes to make it that way. Read through our website and you'll see why so many visitors call us to fulfill their dreams of an African Safari, a Trek on the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro or a visit to the magical Zanzibar island. Karibu Sana!

In Swahili language The word "BABA" Means "FATHER". as Legends of Mt Kilimanjaro we offer world renowned guided mountaineering and trekking expeditions to all routes of Mountain Kilimanjaro and Meru. It is one of the company with long experienced mountain guides and expedition organisers in Kilimanjaro, with an enviable reputation for summit success and an unrivalled client safety record.

Giving Back to Our Community:-
BABA KILIMANJARO believes in giving back to the community by helping support local schools in need. A portion of our proceeds is donated to local schools to improve education. Donations help provide supplies for schools and tuition for poor families. While visiting in Tanzania, we welcome you to visit the school we have been helping for the last few years.

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